Rob is an elementary school teacher who brings his passion for music and love of his dog, Buster, into his classroom to make learning fun! Buster's ruff start on the streets of North East Philadelphia and vibrant personality allow him to bond with children of all shapes, sizes and personalities.
Buster and Rob and Other Cool Kids Songs
These songs accurately capture events in children's lives and are sure to appeal to listeners.
~School Library Journal
Buster and Rob Bone-A-Fide
...Levitt's music is for kids and by kids; that's what makes it so powerful. They can see themselves in lyrics that tackle school fears and celebrate daily triumphs. ~ T.D. Elementary Reading Specialist
Peace'n It Together
Instant smiles, instant engagement, instant learning! Play these songs and videos, and just watch what happens to your classroom! You will be amazed and your students will love you for it. A richly creative way to reach the heart of every child. ~ Janet Moore (First Grade Teacher)